Legal Information

 Legal Information

  • Please Note: Using this site or downloading its materials means that you agree to these terms and conditions.


I am by no means an official source of rules or materials for the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game. I am in no way related to Marvel Comics, TSR, Wizards of the Coast, or any other maker/distributor of the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game. Any copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise restricted logos, names, or terms are used without permission, but solely in the spirit of Free and Open Gaming and not for profit in any way. If you still feel there is a problem of some kind with some material on this page, please e-mail your complaint to me and I will look into it.


All original materials – including but not limited to – characters, places, names, and terms are copyrighted 1998-2017 by me. I hereby grant you the right to use these materials for personal, in-home use for the purposes of role-playing. You may print, copy, or edit these materials as you see fit to meet your needs insofar as it remains for private in-home use. No rights of commercial exploitation are implied or granted. All other rights reserved.


1) You may not use any of these materials for profit.

2) You must give me credit if you redistribute these materials. A simple message containing the copyright information will suffice, however a link back to this site would be appreciated.

3) These Terms of Use may be updated at any time without notice. Please check back often to keep yourself updated of any changes.


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