Ultimate Guides

  • Ultimate Guide to Adventure – Dark places, hidden treasures, and unsolved mysteries abound. This guide will show you how to pick up some equipment and hit the trails, scouring the world for adventure (or handle the adventures that find their way to your doorstep). Includes write-ups for ready-made NPCs, as well as hints and tips for creating your own adventures (or adventurers). (Version 1.0, 23 Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Ailments & Injuries – The world is a dangerous place, and especially so for heroes. This guide will help you handle breaks, sprains, cuts, colds, and other common calamities. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Arcane Arts – Magic is the lifeblood of the Universe, connecting worlds and dimensions in unfathomable ways. The ability to tap into magical energies can grant the wielder extraordinary power. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • Ultimate Guide to Bases and Headquarters – Every hero and villain needs a place to hang his hat. From submerged cities to orbiting asteroids, this guide will give you the details on the homes and headquarters of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful people; and it’ll also give you the info you need to make your own. (Version 1.0, 12 Pages, Text Only, 168KB)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Drugs & Poisons – The world is full of chemicals that react with the human body in a variety of ways. It’s a sad fact that the world is also full of people that would use that knowledge for nefarious purposes. This guide contains entries on some of the world’s most famous and common substances, including: cocaine, arsenic, marijuana, cyanide, and many more. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Equipment – The game book says that equipment is the source of more powers than all the world’s mutations combined. I say that deserves more than two pages in the game book. Check out this expanded guide to equipment from guns to powered armor. Also contains a list of high-tech gadgets and their statistics, including both real-world and fictional technology. (Version 2.0, 26 Pages, Text Only, 157KB)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Kaiju & Monsters – Bigger is better… and badder! This guide will feature giant creatures, enormous monsters, and giants of prehistoric worlds tough enough to challenge even the most powerful of heroes. Get ready to run, puny humans. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Martial Arts – A guide to enhanced martial arts (such as those from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat) and how to implement them in your campaign. Includes six new “Ki powers” – Athletics, Block, Focus, Grab, Kick, and Punch – that will allow your characters to perform the special moves from the video games. Now with three new pages of moves, including Mortal Kombat moves. (Version 3.0, 24 Pages, Text Only, 164KB)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Machines & Mechas – Nothing says “stay off our planet” quite like a 50-foot-tall weaponized robot. From powered armor to giant robots, this guide will showcase some of science’s (and science fiction’s) most spectacular mechanical super weapons. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Monster Slaying – The world is full of less-than-savory entities – like ghosts, demons, and vampires – that are just aching to wreak havoc upon the world. What chance does a poor innocent civilian have these days? Never fear, the world is also full of unlikely heroes – like ditzy preppy cheerleaders – ready and willing to go medieval on their sorry butts. This guide is designed to help these hapless heroes on their way to becoming true slayers. (Version 1.0, xx Pages, Text Only)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem – No campaign is complete without crime to fight and no one is better at catching the criminals than Super Sleuths and Super-Spies. A dirty underworld ranging from common crime to extraordinary political intrigue awaits. (Version 1.0, 28 Pages, Text Only, 305KB)

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