Hero Sheet Templates

While it is possible to make a graphic roster book that looks almost identical to the official ones, this takes a great deal of effort. It is often easier to print out the blank hero sheet and write in the information by hand.

  • Hero Sheet – This is a scan of the official blank hero sheet from the back of the Game Book. (PDF, 197KB)
  • MSHAG SAGA Interactive Hero Sheet – A variant version of the basic sheet. This uses forms and fields to allow you to edit and print the PDF from within Acrobat (instead of a photoshop program). For the life of me I can’t remember making this, but the file info says I did, so who knows?  (PDF, 186KB)
  • Book Style Hero Sheet – This is a PDF of a modified version of the scanned sheet. The two sheets are turned to face each other, like pages in a book. (PDF, 177KB)
  • Hero Sheets Book – This is a small e-book, collecting several variants of hero sheets.  (PDF, 634KB)

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