Universal Materials

  • Creatures Roster Book – An expanded version of the Critters page from Roster Book 0; has entries for all manner of modern animals, beasts, and creatures for your characters to interact with. Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my! (Version 1.0, 19 Pages, Text Only)
  • Dinosaur Roster Book – An extremely expanded version of the few dinosaurs listed on the Critters page; has new and updated entries for all your favorites: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and more. This roster has enough dinosaurs to stock Jurassic Park and both of its sequels. (Version 2.1, 18 Pages, Text Only, 185KB)
  • Mythological Creatures Roster Book – Dragons, Unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot – ever wanted any of these guys in your campaign? Now you can have ’em. This roster has entries for the most famous of the world’s creatures of myth and legend. Version 2.0 includes new entries, updates, and corrections. (Version 1.1, 29 Pages, Text Only, 217KB)
  • Non-Player Character (NPC) Roster Book  – Who wants to spend all that time and effort creating entries for non-player characters that are going to be in and out of your campaign? The Game Book lists a few, but I have expanded on that. Includes entries for many of the non-heroic people your heroes will most often come into contact with. (Version 1.1, 15 Pages, Text Only, 93KB)
  • Olympians Roster Book – This roster book features the deities, demigods, and heroes of ancient Greece and Rome. Version 2.0 contains 4 additional pages of material. Updated entries for the Minotaur, Jason. New Entries for the Chimera, Pegasus, Bellerophon, and Perseus. (Version 1.1, 11 Pages, Text Only, 140KB)
  1. dave says:

    only one of these seems to be downloadable ?

    • taintedsouls says:

      Across the site, some of the non-linked titles are just projects I had planned/started, but had not yet completed. I did it that way to let people know what was coming down the pipeline when the site was more active. For the majority of non-linked items, this will probably be the case. As a general rule, if the item has a placeholder (xx) instead of numbers for pages and file size, it’s not yet complete (and at my current pace of work, probably never will be). Still, if there’s a file description that is of particular interest to you, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      When I moved the site to its current home on WordPress, I pretty much just copy/pasted the previous website. The only thing is, I had to update/convert all of the files to show the new address and then re-upload them to the new server. It looks like in this case, I forgot to convert/upload the Creatures, Dinosaurs, and Mythological Creatures roster books. I’ll check to make sure they’re all reformatted and re-uploaded soon, but it may take a bit.

      As for the Olympians roster book; I remember working on it, it has page numbers and file size listed, and I have some of my original notes, so it seems like I would have finished it. All that said, the file itself seems to be missing from my archives, which is doubly odd because even if I didn’t finish, the partially compete file should still be in there. I’ll see if I can track it down, but I can’t make any promises.

      At any rate, thank you for bringing this to my attention. It’s good to know there are still people making use of the site. I hope you enjoy the materials.

      Happy Gaming,
      The Librarian

    • taintedsouls says:

      I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I managed to track down the missing Olympians Roster Book and have uploaded it along with 2 of the other missing roster books. The bad news is that the Creatures Roster Book in my archive is corrupted and the most complete backup I have is woefully incomplete (less than 10%). You may be able to get a copy from somebody else who has downloaded it in the past (and if you do, kindly let me know), but I don’t have a working copy and redoing it is a much larger project than I’m interested in starting at this point. Sorry, and best of luck.

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