Non-Original Characters

  • Alien Races Roster Book – A Roster Book with entries for various alien races. Contains Marvel races – including the Skrull, the Kree, and the Brood – and some non-Marvel alien races, too. (Version 1.0, 19 Pages, Text Only)
  • Street Fighter Roster – Roster Book for the characters from CapCom’s series of Street Fighter video games. (Version 2.0, 18 Pages, Text Only)
  1. nfairchild says:

    I would like to put together a master Marvel file. In the future I would like to add new characters, but for the time being I’m simply looking to add the heroes and villains from the existing roster books. The difference here being – besides having them all together in one document – that I would like to be able to sort the list to see who has what calling, what hindrance, which skills and at what levels, and of course, who has what powers, at what intensities, and with which limits and stunts.

    It can be done, but outside of a database (like Microsoft Access), HOW??? 😛

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