Charts & Tables

  • Material Strength Chart – A chart listing the Material Strength of some common substances. Expanded from the one in the MSHAG Game Book. (Version 1.0, 2 Pages, Text Only, 89KB)
  • Powers & Skills Guide – A guide to help you know which skills work with which powers. (Version 1.1, 4 Pages, Text Only, 39KB)
  • Speed Tables – A handy table comparing Lightning Speed and Flight intensities with their real-life counterparts, plus various landmarks, such as the speed of sound. Includes both the standard American Imperial system (miles per hour) and the metric system (km per hour).  (Version 2.0, 5 Pages, Text Only, 104KB)
  • Strength Charts – This table shows what a Strength score means in terms of weight lifting (in pounds/tons) and comparative terms (average, athlete, weightlifter, superhuman, etc.). This includes both the standard SAGA chart, as well as a chart converted from MSHAS Classic scales. (Version 2.0, 3 Pages, Text Only, 98KB)
  • Weapons Chart– This chart shows the intensity of some common weapons. Expanded from the one in the MSHAG Game Book. (Version 2.0, 2 Pages, Text Only, 85KB)
  • Weight Chart for Common Objects – Ever wonder what stuff weighs? This chart will tell you. Go ahead: toss a TV, chuck a car, or bench press a bull-dozer. Tons of common (and some not-so-common) items for your heroes to lift, push, pull, and toss. Also includes a chart for famous landmarks. (Version 2.0, 4 Pages, Text Only, 100KB)

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