This is where you will find miscellaneous materials available for viewing and/or download. Such materials are extras that are not required to play the game or use the characters, but are useful supplements. These might include anything from a “packet” of information such as maps, character sheets, and location breakdowns (in the same vein as the “A Guide to Marvel Earth” game book) to copies of comic-style fiction stories I have written about my guys’ adventures. I may also attempt home-brewed game modules at a later time. You just never know what you’re going to get on this page.

To help avoid confusion during updates version numbers (example: version 1.0) will be used for all materials. If the item lists a different version number than the one you currently have, then it has been updated. All efforts will be made to correct typographical errors, but updates will generally include new information or corrections to other errors (such changes are commonly called “errata”) within the document. The nature of the changes will be listed in the item description to help users decide whether a new update is worth the download time. Generally, a decimal point change (ex: from 1.0 to 1.1) indicates minor changes or typographical changes. If there are major changes (ex: several new entries) the number will change to the next whole number (ex: from 1.3 to 2.0).

All files have been updated as follows, whenever possible.

  • A new default disclaimer/summary page
  • Updated contact and copyright information
  • Printer-friendly page breaks


These are articles for download. Generally articles are geared more toward information for Narrators and Players to utilize outside the game world (whereas Roster and Packets provide information to use in-game). Such things include advice on hero creation, general game theory, tips and tricks, conversion, optional equipment, and more.

Charts & Tables

These are charts, tables, graphs, and other resources designed to provide quick reference guides to common game concepts.

Hero Sheet Templates

Templates are blank character sheet templates in various formats. Some are picture files that can be edited in a photo editing program and printed to give professional-looking results. Some are document templates so that you can make a hero sheet in Microsoft Word (or a compatible word processor). Some are PDF files to print out and fill in with pen or pencil.


As mentioned above, Packets are packages of information about a particular group or setting, similar to the entries you might find in the “A Guide to Marvel Earth” game book. I find it handy to print out these files and keep them in a manila envelope to keep them all together (literally making a “packet” of information). Typically included in these packets are a shorthand listing of the team’s roster, maps and descriptions of the team’s home or headquarters, information on and maps of the team’s usual base of operations (city, state, country, etc.), a description of the team and its motivations, and a summary of important events in the team’s history. Some packets may have more or less information than some other packets.

Roster Books

Roster Books are collections of character statistics, generally revolving around a theme, such as a specific city, team, or type of hero.

  1. nfairchild says:

    Once upon a time there was a file someone had put together that contained all of the unique powers from the roster books. Do you happen to have a copy? I’ll recreate it if I have to, but of course, it sure would be nice if the original were around.

    • taintedsouls says:

      I have a copy of one I put together for my own use, but I have no idea if that’s the one you’re referring to. (I don’t recall sharing it with anyone, but who knows?) Anyway, I’ll upload it for you.

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