Updates Continuing

Posted: February 4, 2014 in MSHAG SAGA

The materials for the Articles, Charts & Tables, and Hero Sheet Templates sections are now complete. The templates have simply been re-uploaded, all other posted materials have been updated, edited, and improved, so be sure to check them out.

Updates are ongoing, so expect Packets, Roster Books, and Guides to be posted as they become available. A few are already posted, and I hope to get the rest out at a rate of roughly 1 per week, time and interest permitting.

  1. nfairchild says:

    Hey! This is Trakx (at least I think that was my handle) from the old MSHAG Yahoo board! I am THRILLED that you’ve resurrected your site! I’ve been working on a MSHAG file for the last six months or so. I’m really interested to compare notes, but I can’t seem to find where to download your files at. Or are they not yet published?

  2. nfairchild says:

    Oh wait, I found it! It’s at the very top. I did not see that.

    • taintedsouls says:

      Glad you found it, and good to hear from you again. Yes, the menu along the top is a fly-out menu – it unfolds into the sections available for download. The Roster Book menu also flies out into three sub-menus. There is quite a lot of content out so be sure to check all of the pages. (Although admittedly, some pages still don’t have content published yet because real life happened and nobody seemed to be using it, anyway. I tend to lose interest pretty quickly when I feel like the work is useless.)

  3. nfairchild says:

    Hahaha *sigh* Yeah. I understand. There are a lot of fans out there besides just you and I. The problem is that, well, as you said, life happens. TSR/WoTC moved on, and so – even if you DID love the game – most of its fans moved on, too. There is a facebook page dedicated to it, though, and while there isn’t a ton of activity there, for the year or two its been up it has acquired 80+ people. If those people – already self-identified fans – knew your site were back up, that would help. 🙂

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