Happy New Year

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was searching the web for some comic book info, when, much to my surprise, I saw my own name listed in the google results page. I had inadvertently bumped into a page that linked to my old (and now missing) MSHAG website. In it, the site author noted that it was a great site and that I used to update a lot, but it seemed to have gone inactive.

Well, I must admit I felt a bit bad/guilty for letting things slip away so much. It was never my intention to abandon the MSHAG community completely, but life happened: people moved, interests changed, and I no longer played the game, so I just didn’t spend as much time thinking about it as I used to do.

That being said, I felt it was something of a shame for the community to be deprived of that resource, especially when I put so much effort into creating the materials to begin with. (I say this not because I feel my work was particularly noteworthy, but because of the general rarity of content available.) To that end, I intend to update, edit, and repost as much as I can of my old materials.

The internet has changed and free web services are much easier to come by and have far fewer strings attached than they used to. This site, at least, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, so with any luck, the files will still be available for use even if I tend to be neglectful in my update schedule. I’m not sure how forgiving the download limits are (I haven’t made downloads available on my other blogs), but hopefully they will suffice to meet the needs of the remaining MSHAG community.

TLDR; reposts incoming.


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